• Bear Heartthrobs

    Welcome back my burly bears, bearded bikers and longhaired leather boys! It's Papa Bear again hoping you are ready to cum back for more!

    Today, I'm going to be talking about the boys bears beat off too! Sure, it's hot and heavy to go out with a new cub or get topped by a Daddy Bear on a Friday night, but sometimes you just want to stay at home and wank your crank!

    So, who do bears look for when they want to choke the chicken? Straight boys look at Angelina Jolie, straight girls double click their mouses for George Clooney and the lesbian lassies trip the light fantastic for Joan Jett.

    It just makes sense that us bears have a hard on for our own special type of burly man. Of course, this is just fantasy and, unfortunately, most of the hottest eye candy for bears at least claim to be straight.

    But, that doesn't matter when you've unzipped, pulled out your dick and are cocked and loaded!

    So, without much further ado - let's get down to the list of the furry fuckers that soak our sheets and gum up our keyboards with cum!

    These are some of the hottest celebrities in the world - assuming you like tripping the fur fantastic.

    Kevin Smith.
    Home grown New Jersey filmmaker Smith, is best known in the straight community for directing Clerks and Chasing Amy. In the bear community he's known as one of the most cumtastic fantasy fucks in the world. From his full on beard to his no apologies belly, Smith makes us hot and heavy. Plus, he's very gay friendly, and has even commented about bears in public!

    Jonathan Frakes.
    Known for playing commander William Riker on Star Trek - The Next Generation, Frakes is quite simply bearilicious! He's the strong, silent type, who you know would become a total animal in the bedroom!

    John Goodman.
    First famous as the title character's husband on Rosanne, John Goodman is at the center of our garden of bearly delights! Since then, this often bearded big boy has been in many films, often showing off his huge hairy chest and big old American beer belly. He's the blue collar boy we all want to bone on the factory floor after closing time!

    Hugh Jackman.
    This may be the one man loved by both the bears and their Goldilocks. He's huge, he's hairy and in the X-Men movies turns into Wolverine, making himself hotter and hairer than ever before. Looking at Jackman will make you want to spank yourself sore and then cum back for more!

    Gene Simmons.
    Former Kiss cofounder Gene Simmons is one of the hottest and hairiest rock stars to ever strut the stage in tight sweaty leather costumes. Known as a sex addict with one of the longest tongues in the world, the bear community got to see all of his assets up close and personal when a secret sex tape of Simmons was leaked on the Internet. Sadly, he was fucking a girl, but a bear is allowed to (wet) dream!

    The ZZ Top Boys.
    Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill may be entering the Polar Bear stage as they get older, but their beards are enough to make any bear crave their honey pots! Just imagine their three foot long beards tickling your cock. Sure their songs sound dated, but a lot of us would still date them in a heartbeat, because every bear's crazy about a sharp dressed man!

    Han Solo's right hand man helped destroy the Death Star and brings out the animal in all of us! He's tall, he's strong and most of all he's as furry as they cum! Geek bears are still angry that he was the only member of the group that took out the space station who was not given a medal by Princess Leia, but the rest of us just want to get some nookie from the wookie.

    Drew Carey.
    Can you be smooth shaven and still be a bear? Papa Bear says that if you are as hot as this former marine turned comedian, you certainly can be. Known as a stand up comic before getting his own self named network television show, Drew is fun, fat and furraciously sexy! Currently the host of The Price Is Right, we all want to screw Drew!

    Grizzly Adams.
    Perhaps the first bear in America! James "Grizzly" Admas, got his nickname because of his abundance of facial and body hair. He lived in the woods - without a woman in site - while fleeing a frontier society that didn't understand him! What bear won't beat their meat and mount this man?

    Mike Ditka.
    Known as "Da Coach," Ditka could be our "head" coach anytime! His belly shakes and he's known to grow out a full beard in the off season. He's a man's man, and so super he has us bowled over! If only he'd play for the Pink Team, we'd tackle him any day of the week!

    Homer Simpson!
    While bald, Homer is featured in one of perhaps the only mainstream television about bears ever! In one episode he leaves Marge and crashes at the home of a gay friend. When he goes to take out the trash, a car drives by with a bunch of guys who scream "Woof! Woof!

    Who's the bear?" For that Homer, while a father of three will always have our love!

    Home Improvement Al.
    The bear poster child. Al was ways there to help Tim Allen whenever things would go wrong - and they often did! Al, played by Richard Karn, always made us want to drill him!

    Rob Zombie.
    The ultimate bear! Zombie, a filmmaker, rock star and comic book artist is the scariest bear in the world! Known as a friend of the New York gay community, Zombie has the bear, the belly and the attitude to rock our cocks while he scares our souls!

    Now Find Yourself A Bear And Spank Your Crank!

    There you have it my horny homos - Papa Bear's own personal collection of favorite friends of the forest!

    Of course, all bears have individual taste, so why not send me a note an let me know what famous bears you'd like down your throat!

    In fact, why not give a woof if you notice a hot celebrity bear - I've always got more than enough lube to go around. So, send me a Woof-Mail and if I agree that he meets the bear essentials, I'll add him to the list!

    Bye for now!

    Happy Hunting,
    Papa Bear