• Learn The Lingo!

    Don't Be Scared - Learn About Gay Bears! Papa Bear Knows Best And Will Find You A Cub To Hug!

    Does a bear shit in the woods? Only when he's out hiking with his cubs!

    Hello, all you big burly boys and their anal admirers. You've reached Papa Bear's den - and unlike some of you animals, I don't sleep through the winter!

    Still, even a big old bear like me knows that some of you newbies may not know much about the bear community and how our furry friends came to be as proud of our pelts as we are of our cocks!

    So, I've decided to create a primal primer for you on where bears came from and what and who we are doing today!

    Remember - leave your razors at home, just bring your bone!

    Gay Bears Cum In All Shapes And Sizes

    The first thing you should know is that there are as many ways to be a bear as there are kinks in a twink.

    Most bears are hairy, and many have beautiful bodacious beer bellies. But there are also muscle bears, whose only six pack is their abdominal muscles. There are older papa bears and frisky young cubs.

    Many bears are big boys. But even if you're a few inches shorter than the rest of us, that won't really matter when we have you on your back in our hairy lair!

    The main point is that boys who are bears are manly men and the opposite of a twink. We celebrate our masculinity, and know that real men like sausage and stay away from the tuna tunnel!

    Bears are young and old, fit and fat but all of us are entirely fabulous! It's not hard to point out a bear in a crowd, or to get hard around his big belly!

    Most of us have as much body hair as possible - and unlike some Hollywood actors I could mention, keep our beards on our faces and out of the closet!

    You'll find that a lot of bears stay away from effeminate gays, but others like their girly boy toys!

    The truth is, there's more than one way to be a bear - as long as you dare to have hair, you're more than fair!

    Bears - An 80's Thing!

    While there have always been big gay men, and I'm sure lots of us have liked cuddling up with a beer-bellied beast, bears were not very visible in the gay community until the early 1980s.

    Up until then, most out gay men fit into a stereotype that was somewhat less than a masculine ideal. They were delicious divas, delightful drag queens and smooth twinks, but bears were almost invisible.

    The problem was, this alienated many gay men - particularly those who lived in rural areas where there wasn't a disco or a decent set of facial cleanser to be found for miles around!

    A lot of men in these communities knew they liked to suck the cock fantastic, but didn't feel like they could identify with their fellow queers. They were manly men who just stayed in their den!

    These men started hunting each other out - so they could find other fabulously furry fags to fuck and suck without having to explain to their friends exactly why they were taking vacations to San Francisco every year.

    Then in the mid 1980s, Bear Magazine was first published - and the word started getting out that bears were here, queer and twinks were just going to have to deal with it.

    The magazine became hugely popular with working class blue-collar boys, and the name stuck. Finally, they could find some furry friends!

    Gay Bear Clubs

    The publication of Bear Magazine was the launching pad for bootylicious bears to start getting their freak on.

    Even in big cities, when they didn't find a lot of other bears in gay clubs or cruising the circuit, they decided to do what any wild animal would and fend for themselves. So, using ads in Bear Magazine and other publications, they started forming bear clubs - where they could meet and mate. Suddenly a whole bear community was being born - and hairy bears were no longer an endangered species in the gay community!

    For the first few years, many bears went out of their way to avoid mainstream gays - because they felt they didn't have much in common with the overall gay community. But, over time and with the invention of the Internet, this began to change. As bears were able to communicate with the gay community across the world, they started to cum together - both literally and figuratively.

    Even more importantly, many bears became more confident in themselves and started looking for more sexperiences. A lot of them discovered that kinky twinks and divas could also bring out the animal in them. The gay community as a whole also began to realize that what people did in the bedroom was much more important than what they looked like on the dance floor!

    It was completely fagulous!

    Finding A Big Old Bear!

    One of the problems that bears initially had with the fabulous fag community was its focus on youth culture. This came about because until the late 70s, most gay men were still in the closet. So, by the early 80s the majority of out gay men were beautiful boys, but also young, dumb and full of cum!

    Meanwhile, older men who were often not in as good shape as their younger queer conspirators felt out of place. They didn't want to bang balls with boys young enough to be sons - no matter how much they wanted to cum.

    This meant that bears needed to search each other out - in order to find men who were men and had enough life experience to be spectacularly cumtastic!

    Bear culture exploded from this ethos - the desire for older, experienced men who were as masculine and portly as possible!

    That's why you'll find that many, if not most, older gays tend to be part of the bear community - even those that used to be twinks before they had a few too many decadent treats over the years!

    The good thing about bears is, they teach all of us that we don't need to spend all our time in the gym simply to satisfy our cockaholic cravings.

    There are plenty of men who will want to play with our cocks or mount our manliness, no matter how big and beautiful we may be!

    So, why not go out tonight and find yourself a big old bear?

    I'm looking for a grizzly!

    Gay Bears, Bikers And Leather Boys!

    If you are looking to boink a bear, you'll probably want to check out your local leather bar or biker community.

    Bears have always been a huge part of the leather scene - and biker boys often lust for grizzlies, cubs and papa bears! In fact, lots of bears identify with the leather look and feel - and get off on the different scents found in the latex lounges.

    Bears often like to smell sweaty and manly, and leather bars given them the perfect place to inhale the awesome aroma of sweat, balls and fantastically fragrant ass! Also, leather allows the big boys to show off their handsome hair so that they look completely cockalicious when they cruise for fat cock!

    Gay Bears Rock The House!

    Bears prove that not every happy homo is looking for boogie nights. In fact, one of the aural aspects that separates the bear community from the gays with smooth moves is their taste in music.

    Most bars for bear boys avoid techno and dance music, and instead get their groove on to hard rock or country western music. It's all a part of the bear essentials of the community - and their commitment to being real men who just happen to like ass with class!

    You'll find all sorts of power chords and hard driving beats whenever you find a bear's lair - which is just one more reason to grow out your hair! Just remember to leave your cologne at home - because when bears beat their meat, they think the sweat smells sweet!

    Grow Out Your Hair And Bang A Bare!

    Keep your hands away from the shaving cream and into your pants where they belong!

    You've now heard Papa Bear's overview of the bear community! In other articles, I'll get into more dickalicious detail about the bear necessities of life, including how to dress for sucksess, how to figure out the language of the native American bear and how to get your cock in a cute cub!

    For now, you just need to let down your hair, let out a 'woof!' and get ready to bang the burly boy of your wet dreams!

    You'll find that honey isn't the only thing a bear likes to swallow.

    Woof! Woof!

    Happy Hunting,
    Papa Bear