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    Get Your Bear On - Papa Bear's Guide To The Most Bearalicious Events In The World!

    Gay Bears don't simply sit in the woods - sometimes we need to go out to play! Whether you are a curious cub, an ornery otter, a well-hung wolf or a dominant daddy bear, at some point you'll want to get out of your house and see the world.

    The good news is that there are bears everywhere you'd ever care to share your love! In fact, over the past decade bear events and festivals have started to thrive. These days, nearly everywhere you go you'll be able to find a bearific good time!

    That's why Papa Bear - your guide to everything furry and fabulous - has decided to give you the low down on the best bear events so you can go down, get dirty and get your fabulous fuck on!

    These events are exclusively for bears, bear admirers and the gorgeous Goldilocks you may have at your side.

    No twinks - even with kinks - allowed. You'll find that all these events are 100 percent certified as cockalicious, cumtastic and full of all the furry fucks you can find!

    So, take a step back, unzip your pants, and get ready to let Papa Bear guide you to furtastic fucking! You can leave your razor at home - just bring your bone!

    Can I hear you say "Woof! Woof!" if you are ready to embrace the bare essentials of the Bear circuit scene?

    The International Bear Rendezvous. This is the best annual bear event in America and is not to be missed! Held every February in San Francisco, the International Bear Rendezvous is a weeklong event that brings brother bears from around the world for a seven-day suck and fuck. You'll be able to tour the city, go on pub-crawls, cum in the Castro and get your furry freak on. The crowning event of the week is the International Mr. Bear beauty pageant. Dress your best and who knows - maybe you'll become an international success!

    Bearphorus. The second largest international gathering of bears and their admirers is held in, of all places, Istanbul, Turkey. While generally not the gay-friendliest city in the world, every July tens of thousands of bears head to this European city to party like they've just come out of hibernation. Sponsored by the Istanbul Bear Club, you'll find tons of bears including the elusive, yet cumtastic Kurdish and Turkish bears. These boys are hairier than anything you've every seen before, and the four day long event is known to turn into a near endless orgy.

    Bearcelona. The name says it all. Bearcelona is a weeklong all-gay cruise that begins in Barcelona, Spain and stops off in Marseille, France, Florence, Italy, Naples, Mykonos, Greece, and then finally ends in Rome. The boat features bear soup, swinging and swapping, sex rooms, discos and everything else you could possibly want in order to get your rocks off while rolling through the Mediterranean.

    Planet Of The Bears. If a cruise isn't your thing but you'd still like to see Spain, Planet of the Bears may be your event. Held each September since 2001, Planet of the Bears is a weeklong event in Sitges, Spain, just outside of Barcelona. There are cock-tail parties, dance nights, all-nude beach events and not a razor in sight! The annual all-bear paintball competition has become world famous!

    Bear Week Provincetown. The sluttiest bear event of the year is held every July in Provincetown, Massachusetts. The only downside is that you need to be at least 21 to get into any of the bear events or check into the bear-friendly hotels. The upside is that this week is all about sex. The swimming pools at the local hotels turn into bear soup orgies at night. The 1 a.m. all-bear pizza-eating contest is legendary. Bear Week often sells out months in advance, so you'll want to book your reservations as early as possible for this mid-July event.

    La Fiesta de Los Osos. This Tucson, Arizona event is truly unique - it's an annual event for Spanish-speaking bears. Most of the participants are Mexican Americans, but you'll find a wide variety of South American men to meet and mate with. On the last day of the festival a Fiesta Bear beauty pageant is held - so you'll want to look delightful in the desert!

    Bears On Liberty Weekend. Despite the name, this is a four-daylong annual event held every May in funky Philadelphia. There is usually a Bearapalooza music show during the weekend, tons of bathhouse events and cumalicious club action. In 2008, both Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama turned up to join in the festivities and gather some votes along the way!

    The Vienna Bears Conference. For the past 10 years, Austrian bears and their admirers have held a three-daylong bear festival the third week of May. Known for its hard-core action, the Vienna bears are not for everyone - but if you lust for leather and are psyched to get sleazy, the Vienna Bears Conference might be right up your anal alley!

    Woofstock. Get blown in the windy city! Woofstock is one of the oldest and most respected bear pride events in the United States. It attracts thousands of hairy bears from throughout the Midwest for some good old-fashioned fucking and sucking. It's one of the only international bear events to feature "Bearaoke," with marvelously masculine men belting out old time rock and roll and country songs!

    ctoBearFest. Do you like beer and bears? If so, OctoBearFest is where you want to breed and seed. Held every October in Denver, Colorado, OctoBearFest is a combination of binging at local gay brewpubs and fucking the night away afterwards. There is a contest for the "Hairiest Chest In The West" as well as tons of lascivious leather events.

    XXL Bear Pride UK. If you want to get nasty far away from home but don't want to learn a second language, XXL Bear Pride UK may be your bag. This is one of the raunchiest Bear events in the world - though it has recently been expanded to include the leather community as well. Held in May, XXL Bear Pride UK prides itself on being one of the most extreme bear events in the world. The last day of the festival features the Wet Bears event, which is your ticket to lots of golden fun as you let loose your dream stream! Drink lots of beer or iced tea before Wet Bears so you can properly wet your whistle.

    Bear Pride Cologne. Trust the Germans to do it nice and nasty. Bear Pride Cologne features the crowning of Mr. Bear Germany, a bear picnic, an all-bear "rodeo" and lots of November naughtiness.

    OctoBearBust. Bears in lederhosen running down the streets of central Florida. Really. Papa Bear is not making this up. One of the most bizarre annual Bear events, OctoBearBust features tons of bears drinking beer and then running foot races for charity. There are also numerous circuit parties in this annual Orlando, Florida weekend party.

    Phurfest. This is the best annual event if you are both a bear and a geek! Every may Phoenix, Arizona, holds a bears-only festival during the first week in May. The catch is that there is always a somewhat geeky theme to the festivities. For example, in 2008, the theme is Bearstar Galactica and the bears are encouraged to dress up as their favorite character from the new television series. Who will you be - Adama, Baltar or Helo? Remember, your Goldilocks can always be Number 6! I know that I sigh for Colonel Tigh!

    SunBears Weekend. Martin Luther King, Jr. had a dream - and now in San Diego they have wet dreams in his honor! Every MLK holiday weekend, the SunBears come out to chill on the beach and cruise the clubs while the locals just have to grin and bear it! A Mr. Bear San Diego is the penultimate event of the party.

    The Texas Bear Roundup. Want to find out if they really do grow them bigger in Texas? There's only one way to find out - head over to Dallas in March for the Texas Bear Roundup. There are barbeques, beer and the best sex Texas has to offer! Bring rubbers, however, because Dallas has one of the highest HIV infection rates in the country. Be proud, but also be protected!

    Spring Thaw. One of the original Bear Pride events in America, Spring Thaw is hot enough to melt glaciers. It's held every April in Seattle, Washington. It welcomes young and old bears alike, so even if you are gray, you'll still get to feel up some anatomy. Spring Thaw is most well known for its infamous Beard, Belly And Buns contest. It proves that size matters!

    Southern HiBearNation. Sometimes to go down you have to go down under! Southern HiBearNation, held each June in Melbourne, Australia, is the Southern Hemisphere's largest all-bear event. The main party culminates in the crowning of Mr. Bear Australia and there are tons of circuit parties and cruising along the way. Rent boys are legal in Melborne, so you can even find some boys to pay for gay!

    LeiBearDay. Wanna get lei'd? Then hop a plane to Hawaii for Labor Day weekend in Honolulu. There are all-gay cruises, feasts, and gay surfing! LeiBearDay features fun, sun and cum while you let the sun shine on your hairy ass! It's cumtastic, sexalicious and fagtabulous all rolled up in one!

    Lazy Bear Weekend. Held in Guerneville, California, Lazy Bear Weekend just keeps getting more and more popular. Most of the parties are "clothing optional" so you'll get to check out the goods before you chose your meat. The big party, "Sunday Furry Sunday," is followed by a huge bonfire. There are 24-hourlong DJ parties around the swimming pools, and all of the cocktails are served in large mason jars. Lazy Bear Weekend is known to get downright sinsational and attracts lots of very sexperienced bears and cockaholic cubs.

    Bear Trek. Also known as the "International Bear Jamboree", Bear Trek is a chilled out Bear event in Rye, New York, that aims to raise money for gay youth charities. In 2008, one of the featured guests will be Al Capone's grandson - who happens to be an out and proud gay bear! There will also be several bear soup events, and even Bear Thai Chi! The event attracts several hundred New York area bears a year.

    Now Get Ready To Bear Yourself To The World!

    Tummies and beards and bears - oh my!

    There you have it, my cumtasic comrades - the ultimate guide to the best bear events in the world! All you have to do is pick the one the floats your boat and then head out with some horny hope!

    No matter what type of bear scene you are looking for, Papa Bear's list will help you find what you are looking for!

    From Scarface to sex to filthy fur, you now have it all at your fingertips. So why not book your flight now? Who knows, you may end up running into Papa Bear.

    I'll be the one that's "just right."

    Woof! Woof!

    Happy Hunting,
    Papa Bear