• Bear Pride Survival Guide

    Gay Bear Pride Survival Guide - Getting Hairy With Papa Bear - Woof! Woof!


    Welcome back my furry freaks, cuddly cubs, oral otters and dominant daddies - Papa Bear is always glad to see you!

    So, now you've realized that big bellies make you bulge and that beards make you blow - so how do you go out and about having fun sexperiences?

    After all, it sometimes seems that the gay scene is all about young pretty twinks or married men whose only beards are at home doing the dishes!

    What's a horny burly bear to do?

    Fear not, my happy homos and curious cum bunnies, Papa Bear to the rescue! Today I'm going to tell you about the fun part of the fury family and how you can show your pride, get oral on otters and strut your sexy stuff!

    As a bear you are part of the fastest growing part of the gay community - even if you can't figure out how to order a good Chardonnay and you think techno was proven wrong.

    After all, you have the right to things that make you go "Woof!"

    I'll show you how to show your pride so that you can't hide and how to get down with the bearded boys who like to go down.

    Let me take you on a journey into bear pride - so you can let it all hang out!

    Bear T-Shirts - All Available In Extra Extra Large!

    One of the most popular ways for bears to go out and about with a cocksure attitude and penis pride is to wear any of the hundreds of bear T-shirts that are available.

    They range from the mundane and subtle that no breeder would ever figure out - to in your face fun that will make you want to cum!

    On the vanilla side, many bears choose to wear black T-shirts with paw prints on the front - a symbol that the bear is out on the hunt - and not for cunt!

    But as the bear movement becomes more and more popular, lots of bears are choosing shirts that have catchy, if controversial slogs on the front.

    Some of the more popular ones include:

    In fact there are as many bear t-shirts as there are condoms in a cock club! You just need to find one you like - and then head out on a hike to your local bear den to meet friends!

    After all not all horny homos want to match their shirts to their socks!

    Bear Beauty - Strutting Your Hairy Stuff!

    Why should skinny girls and delicious drag queens have all the fun! Bears take pride in their appearance to - and we know that we are bearded and beautiful!

    That's why most bear bars and clubs have annual or semi annual bear beauty pageants! It's a chance for all of us to stand up and woof for the macho man that makes our cocks cum and bring us to our knees!

    The most popular is the official International Mr. Bear Pageant which is held every year in February as part of the International Bear Rendezvous in San Fransico.

    Since 1992, the event has crowned furry queens with a variety of coveted titles including Mr. Bear, Mr. Daddy, Mr. Cub and Mr. Grizzly!

    The men primp and preen and make sure that their bears are looking keen!

    Best off all when you win the sashes are made of leather!

    It's enough to bring a bear lover to his knees!

    Bear Porn - Chocking The Chicken To The Hot And Hairy!

    For years gay porn was full of nothing buy kinky twinks or pay for gay straight boys that made us feel left out in the woods.

    After all, we are bears, we need our honeys! Luckily over the past few years, bear porn has started to come out of the woodwork.

    With titles like "Bounty Hunter," "Tool Chest," "Truck Stop" and "Cabin Fever" bear movies are everywhere and will give you the chance to beat your meat to the horniest and hariest bodacious bears of your choice!

    Jack Radcliffe is the most famous bear porn starts, but new ones keep cumming up as bears move out of the forest and into cum back to the store for more! The most popular and cumtasticly cockalicious studios making bear beat off jerk films are Catalina Video, BearFilms, Butch Bear, Raging Stallion and Titan Media. Each and every one will have enter into your own personal spank bank!

    So, unzip and get ready to zoot your root!

    Bearapalooza - The Great Bear Howdown!

    If you've got the urge to get down with the bear community - you've got to get into the bear music scene.

    Rather than shake our bellies and get our beards in a twist for dance music, bears have created our own type of sounds. Usually bear music is a mixture of country tunes and rock and roll - the type of stuff that make manly men want to rock their trailers!

    The highlight of the bear music scene - and an event that will make your wiggle your wide load, is the annual Bearapalooza Festival.

    Bearapalooza is a day long event where the burliest bear boys play out loud and proud and rock the casba.

    For the past six years, Bearapalooza has traveled around the country and plays in almost every major gay friendly city from New York to San Franscisco.

    You get to watch the gays play all day find your special cub without having to go to the clubs.

    You might even get to see the supergroup - Bear Force One!

    Bear Magazines

    Just because we're out and proud doesn't mean that a bear is psychic - or always up on the scene.

    That's why we all off us fuzzy cockaholics read the ravenously rapturous bear magazines.

    Bear Magazine was the original and bare essential of anyone who was serious about being a furry friend of the forest.

    In fact, it is credited with starting the entire bear movement - and pulling us out of the woods and into the fagulous open

    It had everything a dreadlocked friend of Dorothy could ever want to know about bear soup, bear hunts, bear pageants, bear products and more.

    Unfortunatly Bear Magazine stopped publishing i 2000 - but copies of it are now considered collectors items and sold on eBay and other online auction sites.

    It seems some men can't bear to be without it!

    Since then a lot of other bear related magazines have popped up to satisfy our urge to merge and our need to seed.

    The most popular and well read is Teddy Bears And Friends. It's where you'll find all the naughty news you need!

    The Bear Flag - Your Beacon To Bear Bars!

    Finally, if you want to get wild and stalk your prey, you need to know where to find fellow chubs and furry friends to fuck.

    After all, you can spot a normal gay bar by the rainbow flag out front - but how do you know what bar or clubs cater to a bears cock cravings?

    The answer is to look for the official bear flag - which is dispayed outside or on the door of nearly all bearalicious pubs in the world.

    The bear flag consists of seven horizontal stripes from, black to white to brown to yellow, each representing the number of races of bears in existence. Then, there is a brown paw print in the upper left hand corner!

    Look for it - and you'll have found your hunting grounds!

    The, you can get read to lure a cub back to your lair!

    Cum Out Cum Out Wherever You Are!

    See - that wasn't so hard was it, my oral otters, chubby cubs and delicious daddies?

    Now you know the bare necessities of life and can get out and become the boisterous bear you were destined to be!

    So, get yourself a T-shirt, get down with the music, lube up for some porn and track down the bear flag!

    You're now a proud member of the bear community - and we want you cumming back for for!


    Happy Hunting,
    Papa Bear