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  1. True story: I am a total bottom bear and my hole was hungry. As I was driving home from work, I realized I had some free time, so I detoured over to my favorite bath house. After all, it was Thursday, Buddy Night, where you could bring a friend for free. I was hoping there would be some fresh meat there to fill my hole.

    As it sometimes happens, the place was dead. After stripping down, using the colonic therapy room to clean myself out, I went into the vid room, but there was no action. I wandered into the darkened mini-maze and bent over a padded sawhorse, lubed up my ass and waited.

    My back was to the entrance, so my ass would be the first thing someone would encounter when then came in. I heard someone approach, hesitate, then slowly advance, putting their hands on my ass and gently rubbing my cheeks. As his fingers brushed near my crack, he felt that I was lubed up and commented on it. I told him to take advantage of it and fuck me however he wanted. Instead, he moved around to present his cock to my mouth, which I eagerly took in.

    Although I cannot take a cock deep in my mouth because of my gag reflex, I can still give a good blow job. Within moments I had this stranger in the dark squirming and moaning. He grabbed my head and helped me slid up and down on his slippery cock. Between moans, he asked if I was as talented with my ass as I was with my mouth. I pulled off of him and informed him that my ass was even better and that I had great muscle control. He could have it sloppy and loose or slippery and tight or alternate, just tell me what he wanted.

    He moved back around and gently positioned his cock head at my well-lubed hole. I adjusted my heighth to match him and pushed back slowly; not because he was large, but just to make it feel more sensuous. I've been told one of the things that makes fucking my ass so good is that first entry and the way the insides of my ass carasses the dick.

    It worked, he let out a loud moan as I impaled myself on his pole. He quickly took over and started to give me a good fucking, alternating between slow long strokes and hard, pounding ones.

    He abruptly stopped, pulled out and said that since he just got here, he did not want to blow his load so soon and wandered off. He must have gone into a room because I cruized around and didn't see him. Since the places was pretty empty, I got dressed, unsatisfied, and left.

    I took a short drive over to my favorie ABS that has some great GH booths. Again, the place was empty, but it was getting close to the evening rush hour. I went into a booth and as I was closing the door, realized that someone was directly behind me going into the next booth.

    This guy had his pants down and a hard dick through the hole before I even got my pants down. My ass was stilled lubed from my prior encounted, so I quickly pulled down my pants and backed onto this nice sized dick sticking through the hole. He wasted no time, pounding me hard and trying to get as much of his dick through the glory hole and into my hole as possible. He started shooting his load deep into me with several hard strokes, then quickly pulled out, got dressed and left, to immediately be replaced with another dick. With my ass full of cum and well lubed, I forecefully backed onto this dick and started squeezing my ass muscles, milking his dick while he slowly started to move it in and out. Either he was horny as hell or lacked self control because he immediately started shooting his load into me; just a couple of strong spurts, then he pulled out, zipped up and left.

    With my pants still down around my ankles, I opened the booth door to see who else might be there and the place was empty. I pulled up my pants, feeling a small amount of cum leaking out and lubricating my ass cheeks and left. Although still not satisfied, it felt good to be driving home with a squishy well-used hole and two loads of cum.

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