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  1. I'm a mostly smoothbodied 6'2" man from Cambridhe in UK. I like to be fucked, and will sometimes fuck others. I enjoy getting my tongue into and all around hot sweaty arses that are free from the smell of any kind of soap and smell and taste only of Man. I am not greatly into labels - I am simply a Man who enjoys the bodies of other Men. Hope to meet and taste some of you soon.
  2. Still have a tight neg ass that needs opening up and filling - hopefully videoed too - any help with photos appreciated too - I want other poz men to see some of those hot loads oozing out of my opened hole. Can travel for weekday meets if you are less than an hour's drive from Cambridge. Further than that, Thursday evenings and the rest of the weekend are available for you to enjoy my body and fill me up with your loads.
  3. Still available to meet with any bears who would enjoy having me attend to their physical needs. I'm open to most scenes, willing to give you what you want in exchange for your hot spunk inside my arse. Weekends are the best time for me to meet - Thursday evenings are also often possible. Prepared to drive an hour or so from Cambridge. If you are nearer than that, then weekday evening meetings are possible. group sessions with poz men a special interest now, though 1to1 with a man who can load me several times would be welcome as well.
  4. I live in Cambridge, UK. Willing to travel in the UK or to the Continent so that I can take multiple loads. No spitroasting until I know that I am poz. Group of men or one very horny and determined man. I am not a bear, but worship those hairy bodies - rimming a sweaty bear ass is something that really gets me going! Enjoy using my body any other way you like.
  5. I live in Cambridge, UK. Willling to bring my holes for you to fill over a weekend. I enjoy and am good at rimming. Your status is not relevant. I will take any load, and only in my ass until the day comes that I find I'm poz - don't want to waste any loads that are poz by not taking them up my ass. Hope to hear from you. Group action a preference - which means 5 or more in my book. At least 2 men, who need to be into double fucking a willing hole - I want to have my ass thoroughly used.
  6. Hi there! I'm still wanting to rim those great hairy sweaty asses, and still keen to get pozzed. I'll be getting into my stride in November - my ass will be fully available. Probably travelling to London to meet up, but willing to make weekend trips in the UK or Netherlands to meet the men that want to fill me and have me pleasure them
  7. Hello men - I'm an admirer of all those hairy bods. I would welcome being bred by a group of poz bears who enjoy breeding another willing ass. Can travel to London to meet from midday Friday most weekends. I'm prepared to hand my body over to a group of you to use and fill with whatever you like - it can be as clean or as dirty a weekend session as you like. The most I'll use is poppers - I don't drink alcohol or smoke, and would want to be with a group of men who were sufficiently into having sex that they did not need to be out of it in order to do it! Thanks for reading this - hope to meet
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